Same Day Restorations

Cerec Restoration

Most dental healing methods require more than a visit to the dentist.  This means that on your first visit, you get a shot of anesthesia, an impression taken, your tooth ready, and a provisional restoration put on your tooth.  Schedule a second appointment for some weeks later, get another shot, have the impermanent pried off, and have an everlasting restoration put on. With CEREC as your dentist, you can be in and out with a permanent crown, veneer or inlay/onlay. For you, the patient, it means less drilling, fewer injections, and less time out of your chaotic agenda for dental care.

A CEREC tooth makeover is not just appropriate, it’s healthy.  Some years ago, dentists had insufficient options to repair damaged and decayed teeth other than gold, amalgam,  and other metals.  With CEREC, your dentist can utilize strong, tooth decorated ceramic provisions to reinstate your teeth to their natural beauty, strength, and function.  These resources closely match the structure of natural teeth.  This means that when you consume hot food and drink cold drinks, tooth contract, and the renovation expand at almost the same rate.  So, your tooth doesn’t crack, and you can go on relishing your evening.  Also, the ingredients are chemically attached to your tooth, so your dentist can rescue as much strong tooth tissue while offering you with a dental renovation that fortifies your tooth.

All over the world, a CEREC restoration is positioned every 20 seconds.  With a history of closely 20 years, this gear has helped dentists make over 6 million restorations.  By utilizing metal free materials that are the closest to your normal enamel, CEREC gives you the maximum quality healing care.

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