Deep Cleaning

(Scaling and Root Planing)

Deep Cleanings

The dental hygienist, dentist or periodontist gets rid of the plaque via a technique of intense cleaning known as scaling and root planing. SRP is a technique of providing treatment for periodontal illness when pockets are more than 3mm.

Scaling is utilized to get rid of tarter and plaque below the gum line. A local anesthetic might be provided to lower any pain. By making use of a tool known as a small scaler or ultrasonic cleaner, the dental expert meticulously extracts tarter and plaque down the base of every periodontal pocket.

The root surfaces of the tooth are then planed or smoothened. This enables the curing of gum tissue. Also, it makes it harder for plaque to build up, lining the surfaces of the root.

Medication is highly recommended to use in conjunction when you have a deep cleaning procedure:

Medicine might be utilized with treatment which is inclusive of scaling and root planing; however, they do not at all times replace surgery. Depending on the illness’ progression, the periodontist or dentist might still recommend surgical treatment. Long-term researches are required to know whether utilizing medicine lowers the necessity of surgery and whether they are efficient in the long term.

Prescription antimicrobial mouth rinse 

What does it entail? This represents a prescription mouthwash which has an antimicrobial known as chlorhexidine.

  • What is its use? To manage germs when treating gingivitis following gum surgery. Also, it assists redness, swelling and bleeding gums.

  • In what way is it used? It is utilized similar to a standard mouthwash.

Antibiotic Microspheres 

What does it entail? Small, circular specks which are smaller compared to grains of sand that cannot be seen by the eye. The microspheres are packed with antibiotic minocycline hydrochloride. We especially utilize ARESTIN® antibiotic in our office.

  • What is its use? Over time, these microspheres release the antibiotic, eliminating the bacteria to make your gums heal better, compared to just using your deep cleaning.  It has been verified that ARESTIN® together with SRP (Scaling and Root Planing) lower the depth of pocket and germs in patients with periodontal illness.

  • What is its method of use? The microspheres are applied by the dental expert into the pockets following scaling and root planing.

  • Minocycline is gradually emitted by the particles. It might also be utilized as a section of a program for periodontal management, which is determined by your dental expert advice.