Invisalign is an effective, fast, hygienic and more relaxed substitute to metal braces. It’s what we call the Gold Standard of invisible braces.

Your teeth Impressions are taken and then a computerized treatment plan is created. Each aligner is modeled to fine-tune a small group of teeth or a single tooth. These devices fit over your teeth’s surface, eradicating wires, and are commonly worn 20-22 hours a day. This system provides the same beautiful outcomes as traditional braces, but then again since the trays are made of plastic, they are practically invisible.

Benefits of Invisalign

    • Easy maintenance
    • Easy to remove or place
    • Lower cases of tooth decay for the duration of treatment
    • Enhanced oral hygiene as aligners are detached for meals, teeth needs to be brushed after eating
    • Shorter time for treatment.
  • Diminished irritation to the tongue and mouth since causing objects such as wires are not present

Shortcomings of Invisalign

    • The Invisalign system is for adults and older teenagers, and can’t be utilized if baby teeth are still present. It’s designed for only specific tooth movements. Skeletal discrepancies, major tooth movements, and extensive bridge and crown treatment can sway whether Invisalign is the true selection for you.
  • Since the Invisalign Aligners are detachable, they can be out-of-place which might result in an extra charge by your Orthodontist and might delay treatment until your custom-made aligners are changed.
  • They’re removable and need motivation to be consistently worn. You will need to choose if you have the self-discipline to wear the aligners or if you’re going to be better off with non-removable ceramic braces.