Surgical Treatments

Flap Surgery

Surgery may be necessary if deep pockets and swelling remain following treatment with medications and deep cleaning. A periodontist and dentist may execute flap surgery to eliminate plaque deposits within deep pockets or to decrease the periodontal deep pocket and ensure that it is easier for the dentist, patient, and hygienist to keep the region clean. This common surgery comprises lifting the gums and doing away with the tartar. The gums are thereby sutured back so that the tissue fits warmly around the tooth. After surgery, the gums will restore and fit more firmly around the tooth. This occasionally results in the teeth looking longer.

Tissue and Bone Grafts

To add to the flap surgery, your dentist or periodontist may suggest processes to help restore any gum or bone tissue damaged to periodontitis. Additionally, Bone grafting, in which synthetic or natural bone is placed in the region of bone loss, can assist in promoting bone growth. A procedure that can be utilized with bone grafting is termed guided tissue restoration. In this process, a small piece of mesh-like substance is inserted between the gum and bone tissue. This keeps the gum tissue from developing into the region where the bone ought to be, allowing the tissue and bone to regrow. Growth issues – proteins can assist your body to naturally regrow bone – it may also be utilized. In situations whereby gum tissue have been lost, your periodontist or dentist might recommend a soft tissue implant, with which synthetic tissue or material is taken from another region of your mouth and used to cover visible tooth roots.

Since each case is not the same, it’s not possible to predict with conviction which grafts are going to be successful in the long run. Treatment outcomes depend on a lot of things, including how far the ailment has developed, how well the patient undergoes oral care at home, and some risk factors, like smoking, which might lower the odds of success. Ask your dentist or periodontist what the level of accomplishment might be in your specific case.