World Poker Tour Online

World Poker Tour Online

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    World Poker Tour Online

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    Welcome to our dental family.
    Finding dental professionals that care has never been easier.

    Passion for this profession and truthful sincere care for our patients is what characterize us. We insist on excellence, and as a result, we have a dental practice that can provide you with superior state-of-the-art services as well as latest technology, in a clean, comfortable, and convenient setting.

    Meet Our Providers

    Click here for more...

    What our patients say

    • This is by far the best dentist we have been to. They always take care of myself and my family. They are very accommodating and polite. All the dentists are very gentle when they are working on your mouth. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family in an instant. They are the best!!!

      Grettel Thompson,

    • Best dental hygienist. The hygienist made my cleaning a pleasant experience.

      James C.,

    • Very friendly staff and the dentist was very good with explaining my treatments.

      Yaritza A.,

    • I have had bad experiences at the dentist before but this one has changed my view of them. So now myself and my whole family goes there thanks for the great service

      Robert Martin,

    • My family has trusted Dr. Quiñones and Smile 4 Life Dental since 2012 and not only do we carry no complaints or concerns, we recommend the good dentist, staff and facility to everyone, friends and co-workers. Dr. Quiñones is the man, he is cordial, fun, entertaining, remembers all our family details (personal and professional points) and above all, is excellent at his practice. Do not hesitate to make and appointment with the good Dr. You won't regret it!

      Alejandro Rodriguez,

    • Dr. Quiñones is a gifted dentist who gives the best possible care to every single patient -- always thorough and always taking the time to keep the patient comfortable every step of the way. His dental assistant works in great harmony with him to assist him in his work and make sure that the patient continues to be comfortable throughout. The staff handles the setting of the appointments and the billing with great kindness. And I cannot say enough about the dental hygienist who is extraordinary and has given me the best, most thorough and also the gentlest cleanings of my life. It is because of her encouragement and instructions that my dental hygiene is now the best it's ever been! There are doctors who are kind or talented, but if you are looking for a doctor that is both - you have just found one! I feel so very grateful to have my dental health entrusted to Dr. Quiñones and his staff and their superb and loving care.

      Xenia Rodriguez,

    • Great service. Quiñones, Charo and Aparon are a+ !!!!!!

      Sofia C.,

    • Even though I always dread my regular dental check-ups, this office makes it as pleasant as it could possibly be. The office staff is very friendly and accommodating. My hygienist is very dear and also very gentle as she cleans my teeth. My dentist is always pleasant and explains all procedures fully. I have been a patient in this office for many years and have observed over the years how the staff has made every effort to improve the service given.

      Elena D.,

    • Very happy with my last visit. The Dentist took his time to explain the projected treatment with me.

      Adriana D,

    • Dr. Luis Quiñones is the best Dentist. He is a trustworthy and skilled dentist who is excellent at his craft and truly cares for his patients. Dr. Quiñones knows how to put me at ease in the dental chair. He always talks me through every procedure so I know what's coming next. The entire staff is friendly and professional. The dental hygienist is excellent as well. Appointment times are respected. You won't regret going!

      Lazaro M. Alfonso,